About Me

I am Paumil Patel, a Computer engineer turned into an enthusiastic Digital Marketer, WordPress Developer, Web Designer, Social media strategist and SEO strategist.

I’m a keen practitioner of Digital Media & I have helped several businesses grow and scale through my Contextual Marketing Strategies.

One thing I have learned through my Contextual Marketing Strategies that whatever product or whichever service you provide, it needs to be placed correctly in front of your audience and that too at the right time.

So, whether you are, an Entrepreneur, A Business Owner, A Doctor or any other professional, then I am here to help you build your online presence with my Online Marketing Strategies & Experience gained so far.

Analytical & Strategic thinking

Longing for more leads? I will help you achieve your goals, analyse your current business, and come up with a comprehensive Digital Marketing campaign.

Passionate towards learning & exploring

In this digital world, we need to get updated. I love to learn new things and concepts to enhance my knowledge.

Committed to grow businesses

I would love to help you gain new leads, exposure, and grow your business. Discuss your problems with me, I will help you get new clients.

Love Challenges

Digital Marketing is an evolving technology, there are always new things and challenges to overcome. I love to work on different projects that make me explore new things and look at the challenges with a different perspective.


Approach to Digital Marketing

Setup (0-4 months)

  • Understanding your customer’s visual avatar
  • Build online presence
  • Create marketing strategies
  • Develop content strategy
  • Setup digital media channel structure
  • Create contextual content for different channels
  • Gain followers
  • Increase engagement
  • Initiate brand mentions

Traction (5-10 months)

  • Transform your engagements into conversions
  • Implementing digital optimization
  • Gain attraction to your social media sites
  • Collect Responses to the call to action
  • Taking your brand on search engine
  • Gain New members & sales
  • Build great customer membership/feedback & service

Positioning (11-16 months)

  • Develop brand loyalty
  • Gain positions of search engine
  • Convert interaction points to conversion points
  • Gain new sales revenue

Expansion (17-28+ months)

  • Achieve & stabilize the position of search engine
  • Establish recognition
  • Gain brand power
  • Stabilize your consistent flow of income

Viral Growth (Future)

  • Expand our network through fans/follower’s influencer networks and social communities.