I Am Paumil Patel A Social Media Enthusiast A Smart SEO Executive A Creative Website Planner A Passionate Digital Marketer

Love to look one-of-a-kind?  

I am a computer engineer turned into an Enthusiastic Digital Marketer and I am passionate about growing a business digitally. I help Doctors and professionals build their online presence.

Why me?

A Bit About me 

Are you willing to grow your Brand, engage with your Audience, or boost your Sales? Then, you have landed at the right place. I am here to help you do all these things with my experienced strategies.

Creative Approach

Passionate Learner

Analytical Thinking

Love Challenges

My Experience

A Bit About me

  • Digital Marketing 91% 91%
  • SEO Analysis 80% 80%
  • WordPress 74% 74%
  • User Experience 68% 68%

My Services

Let’s grow your business into a lead-generating machine.

Website Development

Let’s turn your innovative ideas into great products/services


Let your brand do the talking. Create brand that’s visually creative & solves problems.

Social Media Marketing

Give a Digi life experience to your business. Be ahead of your competitors

Content Marketing

The right content can change the whole game, so why not create one for yours with me?

Search Engine Optimization

Great content only works when there is great SEO. Turn your content SEO-friendly with me

Email Marketing

Boost up your sales with the Right Email Marketing strategies for your business.

Setup (0-4 months)

  • Understanding your customer’s visual avatar
  • Build online presence
  • Create marketing strategies
  • Develop content strategy
  • Setup digital media channel structure
  • Create contextual content for different channels
  • Gain followers
  • Increase engagement
  • Initiate brand mentions

Traction (5-10 months)

  • Transform your engagements into conversions
  • Implementing digital optimization
  • Gain attraction to your social media sites
  • Collect Responses to the call to action
  • Taking your brand on search engine
  • Gain New members & sales
  • Build great customer membership/feedback & service

Positioning (11-16 months)

  • Develop brand loyalty
  • Gain positions of search engine
  • Convert interaction points to conversion points
  • Gain new sales revenue

Expansion (17-28+ months)

  • Achieve & stabilize the position of search engine
  • Establish recognition
  • Gain brand power
  • Stabilize your consistent flow of income

Viral Growth (Future)

  • Expand our network through fans/follower’s influencer networks and social communities.